Liquidisco Streaming can send video and audio of any event being held Live - events like a company Annual General Meeting (AGM), weddings or just about any other event to viewers around the world, allowing them to watch it from the comfort of their own homes or offices. Anywhere you want to be, liquidisco Streaming will help you broadcast your event successfully. You can now reach a much wider audience over a much larger geographic area anywhere in the world - and all this using a regular internet connection.


Corporate or personal events, or even productions such as music concerts or sporting events can now be broadcast LIVE to thousands of viewers to watch in real-time on their own web browsers:

Company AGMs
Investor Relations
Political Functions
Product Launches
Corporate Functions
Conferences & Lectures
Seminars & Workshops
Training Courses
Sporting Events
Memorial Services and more...

We Take Care of Everything!

Reliable Videographers

Pro Lighting & Sound

Music & even a Professional DJ should you need one!

A Package for Every Need


Our experienced team can do it all for more information call :



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